January 2021

Good news is that 2020 has finally come to an end.  The best news is that the Crafty Weasels never stopped making bedding to send out. There were ways we had to adjust to rotating the bedding to the next home, but we never failed.  We shipped atleast one box each month to a ferret shelter needing bedding.

Our total for 2020 was:  398 not including toys (441 with toys)
Just to give a comparison.
Here are our 2019 results:  481 not including toys (606 including toys).
I’m very proud of the Crafty Weasels that never gave up through the year, but continued to make the extra effort to accomplish our mission of sending boxes of beddings to those in need.
I’m looking forward to getting things rolling for 2021.  Hoping we will be able to meet on some type of limited basis until things are good for us to meet again monthly.
I so appreciate all those of you that participated this year (you know who you are!!), and I appreciate those that have kept us in their thoughts and prayers helping us push to continue the mission that is so dear to all our hearts.

October 2020

Just wanted to thank Lisa for handing me a bags full of stuff to help our Crafty Weasel yearly count.

27 rattle toys
5 Multi sized sleepsacks
Pam Polhemus donated a big bag of cute flannel material to the Crafty Weasels.  When things get a bit easier to do some cutting, this will definitely beeee really a cute addition!
We are still doing our rotating for all the Crafty Weasel bedding.  It is so appreciated, and the good news is that we are still sending a box of bedding each month to a shelter in need.
I appreciate all of you for continuing during this tough time!
We are strong enough to outlast this and come through on the other side!!!

October 2020

Hi Everyone:

Well, more good news.  Jennifer just gave me the final bedding which she finished the QA/QC on, and it is now ready to send out.  Special thanks to Karen for the matching, Johnny for pinning (two different times), Margaret for initial sewing, and I completed the final sewing.
Karen, please add this to our yearly count.
10 – sleepsacks
10 Hammies
4 – Comfort Slings
Thanks everyone … we are here for each other if you need anything!!
Sooooo, proud of you all!!

September 2020

Just wanted to share good news with all of you.  We aren’t able to all get together to meet each month yet, but we haven’t stopped making bedding.  We are still passing it around, getting each part completed and onto the next.

Completed for this month:
8 – FN Hammies
8 – FN Sleepsacks
12 – WonTon Flowers
The worker bees that have worked so hard on this batch were:
Karen – Matching, and putting sets together
Johnny – Initial Pinning
Margaret – Initial Sewing and ribbons
Johnny – Pinning again
Florence – Sewing of sides
Dyna — Clip, Flip, Pin, Final Sewing, and QA/QC
I appreciate all the hard work each and everyone has done, and what you all continue to add to the group.  We get lots of support on the side from others too.  We couldn’t do any of this without each and everyone of you!!
I will be sending out another email soon, because I have another bunch that I just finished the final sewing part, and just need to get it to Jennifer to do the final QA/QC and return it back to me.
It has now been 6 months since we last met … but we still are holding our own, and sending out atleast one box a month like normal!!

August 2020

Hi Everyone:

I was asked awhile back who we went boxes to each month for the CWs bedding.
Well, don’t expect me to always remember to send this out, but I did remember while printing out the labels, so I figured now was a perfect time to share.

Diane Simonian
AZ Ferret Rescue
6602 North 15th Ave
Phoenix, AZ  85015

Triangle Ferret Lovers
Kaylee McAden
1004 North Hamilton Street
High Point, NC  27262


We are still doing a good job of completing bedding even though we all cant be together.  It has been our practice to send out atleast one box per month (over all these years), but sometimes we have a larger amount of completed bedding, and have a few too many shelters waiting too long to receive, and we will send out two boxes like we are doing this month.


Thanks for everyone that has been able to participate, and I know that those of you do want to help, it just isn’t possible at this time.


Wishing you all the best, and lots of loooooong distant hugs,

July 2020

We have good news!!!

Jennifer just finished the final QA/QC on the bedding. This is our first batch since our stay at home.  
We got together yesterday to exchange more for her to QA/QC and me to bring these home.  I counted:
12 FN sets (= 12 hammies, and 12 sleepsacks)
23 Pennybutton Hammies (by Margaret)
4 Comfort Sling (by Florence)
 Goooooooooo Crafty Weasels!!! More to come shortly!!!!  

May 2020

Okay, after talking with several of the Crafty Weasels, we put our heads together to start some bedding to get us going until we can all meet together again.

Johnny and Karen met and Johnny took home the matched sets that need to be pinned.  Margaret brought over a large box of the CW pins, and Johnny picked them up at our house.  Sooooooo, the good news is, that now Johnny can do the initial pinning for the CWs.
We are now looking for the next link to be completed (once Johnny has some things pinned), and need to have someone volunteer to do the straight sewing of the tops and bottoms of the bedding.
Any one want to step up for the next process?
Here are the other people that have volunteered so far:
Jennifer  – final QA/QC
Margaret – Matching Ribbons (she already has the box)
Trella – volunteered, but we need to organized getting the bedding to her (she is 3 hours from us)
Soooo, please share thoughts, ideas, concerns?
Thanks … we aren’t giving up the CWs, we are still needed by the shelters.  :-)

May 2020

Just an update.

When Margaret brought over the pins (to give to Johnny) she also brought over some completed bedding that we can add to our CW monthly count.
13 – Pillow Shams/Floor Mats
16 – Toys
Our production numbers are going to be totally off for 2020, but the bedding we had made to date, what Margaret brought last time, and again this time, will atleast help us on the way.
I believe with Johnny starting the pinning, we will be rolling along our way to helping shelter still.
Any ideas or thoughts you have …. please share, and we will see what we can do to make this all happen.
I truly truly miss each and everyone of you.

April 2020 Crafty Weasel Update

Well, as we all know, things have been a bit stalled with the Crafty Weasels since we can’t meet here in GA, and the Senior Living Center is definitely on lockdown.

When we left at the end of sewing day on March 7th, we didn’t know what the future held for the Crafty Weasels because of the COVID-19.  Margaret took the two unfinished bags of bedding home with her with the the ribbon box (which she generally holds for us).  We just met (were careful to social distance) so that we could help a rehab place get enough masks for their personnel to use.  She dropped off the CW bags and told me that she has completed everything.
I just now had a chance to get in and was totally overwhelmed by all the finished ferret bedding.  She even color coordinated all the final thread stitching (Dawn would totally approve!!!), and all the ribbons.
Here is the list:
4 – Wonton Flowers
15 – Sleepsacks
14 – Hammies
4 – Inside/Outside Sleepsacks
6 – Barrels
10 – PennyButton Hammies
The good news is we haven’t missed sending boxes out since this all started, and with what Margaret completed above, I’ll be able to get another box out for May (and probably June too).
I’m proud to say that I’ve seen FB posting of past CW members making masks and helping out during this “stay at home” time.  This shirt has been posted, and honestly I felt it truly fit our group well!!  Hoping maybe there will be a good side to this virus that it brings people back to wanting/enjoying how to sew.
I hope you are all staying well, healthy, and keep connected with each other.  We are a strong group, and will continue to be again in the future.