January 2021

Good news is that 2020 has finally come to an end.  The best news is that the Crafty Weasels never stopped making bedding to send out. There were ways we had to adjust to rotating the bedding to the next home, but we never failed.  We shipped atleast one box each month to a ferret shelter needing bedding.

Our total for 2020 was:  398 not including toys (441 with toys)
Just to give a comparison.
Here are our 2019 results:  481 not including toys (606 including toys).
I’m very proud of the Crafty Weasels that never gave up through the year, but continued to make the extra effort to accomplish our mission of sending boxes of beddings to those in need.
I’m looking forward to getting things rolling for 2021.  Hoping we will be able to meet on some type of limited basis until things are good for us to meet again monthly.
I so appreciate all those of you that participated this year (you know who you are!!), and I appreciate those that have kept us in their thoughts and prayers helping us push to continue the mission that is so dear to all our hearts.