May 2020

Okay, after talking with several of the Crafty Weasels, we put our heads together to start some bedding to get us going until we can all meet together again.

Johnny and Karen met and Johnny took home the matched sets that need to be pinned.  Margaret brought over a large box of the CW pins, and Johnny picked them up at our house.  Sooooooo, the good news is, that now Johnny can do the initial pinning for the CWs.
We are now looking for the next link to be completed (once Johnny has some things pinned), and need to have someone volunteer to do the straight sewing of the tops and bottoms of the bedding.
Any one want to step up for the next process?
Here are the other people that have volunteered so far:
Jennifer  – final QA/QC
Margaret – Matching Ribbons (she already has the box)
Trella – volunteered, but we need to organized getting the bedding to her (she is 3 hours from us)
Soooo, please share thoughts, ideas, concerns?
Thanks … we aren’t giving up the CWs, we are still needed by the shelters.  :-)