September 2020

Just wanted to share good news with all of you.  We aren’t able to all get together to meet each month yet, but we haven’t stopped making bedding.  We are still passing it around, getting each part completed and onto the next.

Completed for this month:
8 – FN Hammies
8 – FN Sleepsacks
12 – WonTon Flowers
The worker bees that have worked so hard on this batch were:
Karen – Matching, and putting sets together
Johnny – Initial Pinning
Margaret – Initial Sewing and ribbons
Johnny – Pinning again
Florence – Sewing of sides
Dyna — Clip, Flip, Pin, Final Sewing, and QA/QC
I appreciate all the hard work each and everyone has done, and what you all continue to add to the group.  We get lots of support on the side from others too.  We couldn’t do any of this without each and everyone of you!!
I will be sending out another email soon, because I have another bunch that I just finished the final sewing part, and just need to get it to Jennifer to do the final QA/QC and return it back to me.
It has now been 6 months since we last met … but we still are holding our own, and sending out atleast one box a month like normal!!