January 2023 Sew day

We had another good sewing day in January 2023, our starting off a good new year!!  Trella brought an amazing assortment of sandwich making foods, that more than covered everyone’s preferences.  Johnny brought a cake to celebrate January Birthdays (mine, and Margaret).
Johnny brought Freckles to share with us doing our sewing day, and also made us a new sign to start our 2023 year out right!!

Johnny Catanzarite
Margaret Kelley
Nancy Harrison
Florence Love
Trella Whaley
Karen Bunnell
Morgan Tangren
Jennifer Boyce Ham
28 – PennyButton Carrier Hammies (made by Margaret)
9 – FN Sleepsacks
2 – Wonton Flower Hammies
2 – Inside/outside Sleepsacks
8 – FN Hammies
image (20) image (19)