End of the Year – 2022

We have much to celebrate with the end of 2022, and now we are still up and running together in 2023. Karen has given me the totals below of what we accomplished in 2022, and you all have so much to be proud of for this. If I remember correctly we still will passing bedding back and forth until we were able to start meeting again at Brookdale in May 2022.
Year Total for 2022:
86 – Pocket Hammies
132 – Sleepsacks
27 – PennyButton Hammies
12 – Comfort Slings
74 – Wonton Flower Hammies
95 – Toys
426 – Total Pieces
We have much to be proud of and the commitment to succeed and help shelters continues to make my heart glad.
Much love and gentle hugs to all of you that have been there through the years.