February 2023 Sew Day

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We had a fun and extremely busy sewing day with the Crafty Weasels.  Morgan brought her boy, Finch, to share the wonderful ferret cuddles and kisses.  We had a nice amount of residents stop by to admire him, and learn more about what we do with our sewing group.  Trella went the extra extra mile for us Saturday.  She has generally taken a bag of miscellaneous bedding that needs the last of the pinning before being complete.  Well, her furkid Pip was at the vets on Friday, and had to have surgery.  Trella still drove up (3 hour drive) to bring the pinned bedding, and spend the day with us.  Extra kudos for her dedication!!  Keep Trella, and Pip in your thoughts and prayers, still not out of the woods (and this is posted on Monday).

We had a past member, Wendy, come back and join us.  Even without ferrets she plans on being a regular.  We also had a new member, Dawn, and hoping she will be a regular too.  She is from Chicago area without ferrets at the moment, but hoping to see the beautiful artwork that she makes too.

  5 – Barrels (made by Margaret)
17 – FN Sleepsacks
17 – FN Hammies
  4 – WonTon Flower Hammies