February 2022

Things have been a bit slower for the Crafty Weasels, due to so many things revolving around Covid, etc.  But …. I do have some progress news, so wanted to update you all.

Johnny and Margaret have been coming over to help with cutting, so we finally have things for Karen to match.  Karen recently gave us 12 huge bags of matched bedding, which Johnny has been pinning like crazy.  Sooooo, much pinning that we got some extra pins to keep up with him!!

Here is what we have accomplished in January:
20 toys – Karen
75 toys – Lisa
12 Wontons – Johnny and Margaret
26 Inside/outside hammies – Johnny and Margaret
3 Comfort Slings – Florence

We had enough to send out 3 boxes this month (to makeup for the last 3 months we didn’t).   The boxes went to Colorado, Tennessee, and Alabama.
Sooooooo, now I need to kick myself in the butt and get started on the FN sides to rotate to Dyna or Jennifer to do the clip and flip.  Until we get those going we are completely out of the FN sets to send out.

I truly appreciate everyone that continues to help, and Trella and  the wonderful people from up north that donated such beautiful fleece to keep us going.

Many blessings to all of you,