November 2021

Hi Everyone:
Trella saw the need for us to have more fleece to cut (we were totally out!!!), and she put the word out on FB, and got several people involved, including Brenda from the Indiana shelter.  Lots of thanks to Trella for always taking the initiative to make sure we have supplies this year.  Trella coordinated with Margaret to get the bedding here so we store and cut.  Then, Brenda sent huge fleece bags with Lisa Watson, who transferred it to Jewelz, who then brought it to me to store and later cut.  Jewelz had also gotten a large black bag of fleece donated from Linda Sheridan for the CWs too, so she gave that to me at the same time.

Good news … we still are making bedding, and haven’t stopped. The process is just more time consuming and different.  We aren’t able to gather together, but we are rotating the bedding to get it completed.

Margaret, and I are cutting, Karen is matching, Johnny is pinning (twice between sewing times), Margaret and I are sewing, then Dyna is cutting and flipping, and pinning, and most of the time doing the final stitching and QA/QC.  Jennifer has done a bit of the QA/QC when Dyna hasn’t finished it herself.  Lisa has made toys, and Trella has sent crocheted eggs.  So, all in all, we have continued to keep the bedding rolling.  Here is the count for the last two months.
22 – PennyButton Hammies
21 – WonTon Flowers
8 – Sleepsacks
7 – Hammies
We still have hope for the future of getting together.  We just will be proceeding with caution.
Please keep Meliah and BJ in your prayers.  We read yesterday that they are both in the hospital in ICU with Covid and Meliah had been put onto a ventilator.  It is really serious, and all prayer lists you can put them on will be appreciated.