Exciting News! May 7

Hi everyone:

Great news … Lisa just ironed out things with Brookdale and they want us back on May 7thand are looking forward to having us there again.  This will be our first get together in over 2 years, and we will proceed with caution and make sure we cover all bases.
We will start at 10:00.  Margaret and I will probably be there about 9:30.  It will be our normal craft room which we have used in the past.  Masks are mandatory  especially when first coming into the center.  The dining room will not be open to us, but then again, we had expected this.  We can all bring something to eat, or I can make a run to Dreamland BBQ and pick up enough for everyone.  I will definitely need a head count for this time, specially to pick up food, etc.
Please let me know your thoughts, concerns, etc.  I’ve bcc’d everyone on this email, so if you have concerns to share with others, let me know when you respond.
Just a reminder location:
Brookdale Chambrel Roswell
1000 Applewood Drive, Roswell, GA 30076
My cell if you need it:  770-401-1107
Morgan is going to bring her two boys to visit with us.
We have been doing a lot behind the scenes to get ready for this.  If you let me know you will be coming, it will make it easier to know how many machines, and which different parts can be covered and completed while we are there.
Looking forward to this first time back!!